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Learn to Drive Stick Shift!


stick shift manual transmission

Whether you’re on your way to Europe  or need to expand your driving horizon, learning to drive manual transmission is a great new adventure in life.


I am located in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, but I will be more than willing to travel around the Tri-state area for your driving lesson to accommodate your needs!


Driving Lessons start at $65.00 an hour. There is a $20.00 traveling fee and a two hour minimum if you would like me to travel to you.

For most new comers and those who have an exam to pass using stick shift, I recommend starting with two hours. After two hours, judging by your own comfort and skill level, we can conclude how much more you want.

My name is Amir. You can call/text me at (914) 315-4245 or email me at to schedule a lesson.

*Please note at this busy season, it’s a lot easier for me to respond to texts and emails in a timely fashion than it is to phone calls. We can touch base through email then follow up on the phone if necessary. 

Here are some differences of automatic and stick shift/manual transmission that will help you ease into your lesson:

  • Vehicles with manual transmission will naturally feel rougher than their automatic counterpart. Without a torque converter, power is distributed directly from the engine to the wheels with no interruption.

  • Contrary to popular belief, manual driving in big cities like NYC  or in high traffic areas is not difficult to an experienced driver.  For a driving lesson however, heavy traffic areas like NYC are more difficult to learn in, but same goes for someone who is first learning how to drive period, right?

  • Driving stick shift can give you more control of the car and improve gas mileage when effectively shifting.

  • Automatic driving is boring! Learn stick shift/manual transmission and make driving fun again.
  • 99% of the world drives stick shift/manual transmission. Learn and join the rest of the world’s driving experience.

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